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Protect the Earth and our children. Recycle your child-safety seats.

About Car Seat Recycling

    An estimated 12 million car seats end up in landfills annually. That is the equivalent of 2 billion plastic bottles or 2.4% of the total amount of plastic bottles produced in one year! The environmental impact alone makes car seat recycling a necessity.

    Sustainability is not our only focus. Child safety is negatively affected by the reuse of expired or damaged car seats. A car seat is subject to wear and tear just like any other product. Sometimes it is not always visible and can lead to unthinkable results when its intended purpose is put to the test. We have inspected and seen the hidden dangers of passing along a “like new” car seat. Recycling car seats keeps them out of the landfill and out of the hands of unsuspecting parents.  

    As a company, East-Terra Plastics focuss solely on plastic recycling and have extensive knowledge in this field. We are willing to accept this product in its entirety, cloth and all. We have perfected our current method of processing and are constantly searching for more efficient methods.

    We are looking to cultivate relationships with those who care as we do, whether it be a partnership, sponsorship, or anything in-between.  Flexibility is a must in a project such as this and we are willing to work together until we find the program most compatible with your needs and wants. We hope to expand this operation until neither the well being of our children or our planet are compromised by this growing problem.


Landfill Management

12 Million Car Seats Annually


2 Billion Plastic Bottles!

Closed Loop Program

How Car Seat Closed Loop Recycling Program Works







Consumer buys car seat from retailer

Retailer collects used car seat from consumer 

Retailer ships car seat to nearby distribution center

Distribution center ships trailer load of car seat to East-Terra

East-Terra stores, dismantles car seat with automatic equipment and sends plastics to packaging maker

Packaging maker makes bags, bottles and cans for retailer


About Us

  • East-Terra Plastics, with advanced recycling technology, and fully equipped 285,000 square-foot plant, is capable of processing both post-industrial and post-commercial plastics.

  • We can separate, shred and grind virtually any type of plastic.

  • We are located strategically at the “Crossroads of America” making logistics fast and affordable.

  • East-Terra Plastics is proud to be the member of:


Reach out today so we can start helping the world together!

East-Terra Plastics


9511 W Depot Street

Yorktown, IN 47396

Tel: 317-252-0287

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